It's Your Retirement

Retirees: Do You Want A Revolution?

Some revolutions are necessary and brings positive change that unlocks hidden value!

EMPLOYERS: How satisfied are you with the 401(K) plan that you are offering your employees?

EMPLOYEES? What are the top three (3) changes you would like to see within the 401(K) plan that is offered by your employer?

As the owner of Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. a retirement planning and investment advisory firm, I speak with hundreds of employers each year about the quality of the retirement plan which they offer to their employees. In many instances, I come across "at-risk" retirement plans, meaning there are a number of fiduciary and ERISA landmines that are just waiting to be accidentally "tripped." Talk about scary business!

The last thing a Human Resources Director wants to deal with is the shrapnel that has exploded through their organization, because they have ignored a revolution that needs to take place within their organizations retirement plan. Join us as we delve into this discussion about ways to bring a revolutionize your retirement plan in a positive way!

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